General FAQs for Casual Staff

Recruitment System

You can find current openings and access your profile on Below you find some frequently asked questions that may help you navigate our recruitment system.

How do I create a profile?

Please go to and on the right side please click where it says “Don't have an account yet?” as shown below:


Follow this guide for step by step instructions.

Can I edit my answers to the application questions after I submit?

No, please carefully review your answers before submitting. If you are unsure, you may save your current responses by clicking ‘Save as draft’. You can then return to your application and submit your responses once you are sure by logging into and selecting ‘Saved Applications’ from your Candidate Zone.

How do I view a job that I have previously saved?

Go to and login. You can return to previously saved applications by selecting ‘Saved Applications’ from the Dashboard.Screenshot

How do I access the candidate portal?

Go to and login. Select ‘Candidate Portal’ from the Candidate Zone options. This is where you can access your employment agreement and confidentiality agreement.Screenshot

I forgot my password for the recruitment site, what do I do?

On , please click ‘Forgot Username or Password?’ and allow up to 30 minutes for a password recovery email.Screenshot

Please note that the email address you chose as your login may differ from the contact email address you provided. We recommend you keep the two the same to avoid confusion. To do this follow the directions found in the FAQ - "How do I change my profile/login information in the recruitment site?”.

How do I change my profile/login information in the recruitment site?

Go to and login. Select ‘Profile’ from the Candidate Zone menu options. You can update your details using the edit icon on the Contact Information area. Please make sure your contact email address and login match as to avoid confusion when logging in.
*Always click ‘Save’ after making any changes.*



How do I create a job alert?

Go to and login. Search for the role you want to receive an alert for and select ‘Save this search’ on the results page, you can then select the frequency at which you would like to receive updates.Screenshot

Follow this guide for step by step instructions.


Casual staff have access to their pay advices by logging into Employee Self Service (ESS). Please refer to this guide to help you use the system.

How do I get my payslip?

Log in to ADP Employee Self Service to access your ‘Pay Advices and Reports’ under the Reports menu. Only pay advices from the last 12 months are available to view on ESS; for payslips earlier than 12 months, please contact

How do I get my pay/group certificate?

Effective 1st July 2018, Pearson has been live with Single Touch Payroll (STP). This means that your Pay Summaries from June 2019 onward is accessible by logging in to your ‘myGov’ account.
Further information can be found on the ATO website:
*Pay Summaries from previous years (2015-2018) can still be found in your ESS account.

How do I change my banking, address or contact details?

For payroll purposes, please login to ADP/ESS and use this guide for help: ESS/ADP Guide
*Please note that the ADP payroll system does not link to our recruitment system so please also make sure to make any changes to address and/or contact details by logging into our recruitment system. You may refer to FAQ “How do I change my profile/login information in the recruitment site?” for additional help.

What if I've forgotten my password for ADP/ESS?

Please click on 'Forgot your password?' link below the 'Sign in' button and follow the prompts.

Why did I pay taxes if I claimed the tax free threshold on my tax file declaration form?

Casuals are paid on a fortnightly basis and taxed on the fortnightly tax table that can be found on the ATO's website.
If you would like to request that no taxes be taken out of your pay, please request a tax variance from the ATO. Once you receive the confirmation letter, please send this to with the subject line: 'Tax Variance - Your full name'. A member of our payroll team will confirm once received.

How do I change my choice of superfund?

Please email a complete Super Choice Form along with relevant documents to with the subject line: Super Choice Change Request - Your full name. A member of the payroll team will confirm once the change has been completed.

When are super payments made?

The legal requirement is that super payments are made by the 28th of the month following the end of every quarter.

What is the default superfund for casual employees?

LUCRF. You may find details on their website:

What happens if I do not submit a Super Choice Form as a new hire?

When no Super Choice Form is provided or if the Super Choice Form is incorrect/incomplete, you will be set up with our default fund: LUCRF

How do I change information from my tax file declaration?

Please email completed Withholding Declaration to with the subject line: TFN Change request - Your full name. A member of the payroll team will confirm once the change has been completed.

What happens if I've closed my super fund and a super contribution was made?

It is your responsibility to notify us if your superfund has changed prior to any work performed or as soon as possible. If we make a super contribution and it is returned, we will then open a default fund with LUCRF and direct the contribution to that superfund.

Can I salary sacrifice superannuation?

No that benefit is not available.

How can I request a certificate of separation?

Please email and allow 5 business days.

What to do if I have forgotten my employee code (also referred to as ADP code)?

You would have received your ADP/ESS login details via email previously. If you cannot locate the email, please contact us at This request can take up to 5 business days, so please ensure you keep note of what your employee code is along with your password. *For casuals who work in Nunawading, this is the same as your iPOS username.

Where can I find out what the fortnightly pay cycles are?

If you work in the Nunawading building, you can find the schedule posted in the downstairs kitchen.
Alternatively, you can ask your manager who can provide you that information.

*Please note a payment week is Saturday to Friday unless otherwise advised.

New Hire Documents
How do I accept my employment and confidentiality agreement?

This is done electronically through the recruitment site via your Candidate Portal. Refer to this guide for step by step instructions.

How do I complete the New Hire Form and additional documents?

This is done electronically through the recruitment site. Refer to this guide for step by step instructions.

What documents can I show for my right to work in Australia?

Please submit the completed Right to Work in Australia form along with any of the listed documents.

If you are an Australian citizen:

  • Australian passport, OR
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate AND Photo Identification, OR
  • Full Australian Birth Certificate (if born before 20 August 1986) AND Photo Identification, OR
  • Full Australian Birth Certificate (if born on or after 20 August 1986) AND Photo Identification AND evidence that at least one parent was an Australian Citizen or permanent resident at the time of your birth

If you are an Australian Permanent Resident, New Zealand Resident or Other Visa Holders:

  • Passport with a Permanent Resident visa, OR
  • New Zealand passport, OR
  • Passport with a valid visa that enables you to reside and work in Australia

Please email or print your work restrictions and bring with you to training. Our preference is that they be emailed to Please include your full name and job title in the subject line if emailing.

You may access your visa work information by logging into VEVO.

*If you are working outside of the Pearson office, you may send certified scanned copies to

What is VEVO?

Visa Entitlement Verification Online, You can login to obtain your current working rights and send an email directly from the system to your employer. The email address to send your work rights to for Pearson is

Do I need to notify Pearson about any change to my right to work/visa status? If so, what's the process?

Yes, all casual staff members are required to notify us of any changes to your visa status/work rights by emailing with an attachment of your new VEVO document that details your work restrictions.

Where can I get the super choice form?

Super Choice Form or copy this link into your browser:
You can also get it from the ATO site found here:
*Please note all new hire documents must be submitted to

Where can I get the Tax File Declaration Form?

Tax File Declaration Form or copy this link into your browser:
You can also find out where to obtain from the ATO:
*Please note all new hire documents must be submitted to

Where can I find out more about my work rights?
What are my employee rights during bargaining for the new enterprise agreement?

Disclaimer: This information is only intended for Casual team members working at our Nunawading site.

Please click here to access the Notice of Employee Representational Rights (NERR) as referenced in the email sent to you on 15 May 2023. If you have any questions regarding NERR, please contact Yamuna Sapkota - HR Business Partner.

Contact Us
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How can I request an employment confirmation?

An employment confirmation letter can be provided directly to the employee confirming the dates of employment, status and most recent pay rate. Please email with the subject line: Employment Confirmation Request - Your full name. Please specify whether you want the letter via email or post.
*Please allow up to 10 business days for your request to be processed.